lost my mind…now what????

Watch “8-24-16 vlog; getting better” on YouTube

So work looms…

My leave is approved till 9-15-10…awesome since I’m kinda broke and bored…but I will also miss most of the remaining summer heat…

I finally get around to reblogging another great story from dalecooper and starship gypsies…enjoy


Howdy folks

Just a couple words…..my computer is in hock…and typing on a phone seriously sux

I’m out on disability for a few more weeks…i lost over 20lbs since I been sick and it keeps me wore out….the doctor says hepatitis A is the least dangerous…and it’s brow beating me!!! I’m too old for this crap

Are children really #1?


Watch “The Trinity River Wildlife Reserve” on YouTube

Working on the docks

It’s Monday and it’s Russian aluminum on the docks tonite…coming in at the warnow sun



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