lost my mind…now what????

Paul Harvey

another white boy rapper

i paid off my land and recently visited

and here is my very self-inflicted haircut


so, yeah it’s hotter than blue blazes from hell…so i share a video from 60 minutes Australia

after 7yr…

Welcome to the Homestead

networking across the web woohoo

Black Pack Homestead

We are very excited to welcome you to the Black Pack Homestead website. We can’t wait to get your feedback on what we are doing, and answer your questions about all things homesteading, gardening, and Pomeranian. Please use the form below to contact us, or drop us a line at the address below.

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A new adventure begins…

Well, on September 1st I walk away from this job I’ve held on to for over 7yr… this is the longest I’ve held on to a job, leaving is a relief

I’m burned out… inconsistent hours…short hours… defaulting on bills… so time for a new adventure

I’ll cash in my 401K, pay off my land, and start establishing me a little hobby farm… leave the rat race and the urban cesspool

I suspect I’ll be doing day labor or maybe another deadend job, but I’ll have my own place

Watch “Star Spangled Banner As You’ve Never Heard It” on YouTube

let’s have fun with life

here’s a video i found on YT..sharing and hope you smile

meet “girdlessness”

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