lost my mind…now what????

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The US government does nothing to discourage bigotry….easier for the war pigs to hide their actions

Fight Bigotry, in 8 Tweets – http://wp.me/p5Zl3F-493

Watch “2nd day back to work…9-17-16 vlog” on YouTube

Amazing…this video uploaded in about 5min… 

Back to the grind…

My first day back to work…rah have a pic

His name is…

So my kitty needs a name…well,  that name is “tigger”

Kitty update

Well, the kitten has been passed to me now…I’m kinda happy about this but it’s a male and I prefer females…also he’s not quite ready for solid food…(my cats do dry food) there’s also vet bills coming…anyway, I got a kitty now

Kitty selfie

A friend’s kitty

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The death of a company is in making…

Samsung Seeks Court Order to Remove Goods From Hanjin Ships – http://fortune.com/2016/09/08/samsung-court-order-hanjin/

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