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ok folks..i’m not a dad but my x/now-bestie had 4 kids…i’ve known her for 13yr…sooo…let me be the opposite of most commenters…kids are all different…some small, some huge, i have seen kids walking at 10mo and talking at 12mo…EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT!!! comparing juniors is dangerous…i saw a child who didn’t say a word until 3yr; she is now a chemical engineer at 22yr…the side effect of advances in medical technology seems to be a generation of worry warts…enjoy the kiddos, let ’em get dirty, let ’em crawl, let ’em be silent…take a million pics and a million hours of video…hug ’em often, love ’em bunchs…RELAX  folks, the kids are ok!!! 

if his lack of socializing skills is any excuse than i would be able to wipe the world clean of the human race…sadly this limp-dicked bastard thought so…i’m 51yr old and have zero socializing skills!!! yet i have no desire to kill anyone…i just want my own little place and high speed internet…and to be left alone!!! i hope on the other side he’s surrounded by laughing lesbians who thinks he’s got a short pecker and reminds him daily…just saying

send the bus


1. I said “ass” in front of my kids … ok, fine…. maybe I said more than just  “ass” … then told them they can’t say bad words.

2. After sternly telling my 4-year-old he couldn’t have mini donuts at bedtime, I quickly shoved 3 in my mouth and closed up the bag all stealthy and ninja like.

3. I counted my kid to a 3 (3 strikes you’re out kind of thing) and then did absolutely nothing.

4. I yelled at my kids to stop all their yelling.

5. I lectured my 9-year-old about sounding bossy or condescending when talking to her brother, then turned around and did the same thing to hubby … oops.


1. Didn’t strangle any kids.

2. Didn’t let anyone starve to death – not even the dog.

3. Didn’t drink an entire…

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i’m reblogging because we,people of the united states often don’t even think about where our imports come from or at what cost…all children deserve a life free of torture and pain

every person who chooses a career working with children has chosen to work with fine china onboard a ship in heavy seas…

The School Counselor Kind

I became inspired to write this post after reading an article from Upworthy entitled, “12 Things You Should Never, Ever Say to Teachers.” As an elementary school counselor, I’ve heard some whacky things from people who don’t really understand what my job is. Some are infuriating, some are laughable, and some are just plain weird. Anyway, here’s my list. I apologize ahead of time for the “snarkiness” in some of my responses. It’s not meant to offend anyone; it’s meant to educate and vent a little, in a humorous way. I hope some of you can relate! 🙂

snarky comments

1. “You’re that mushy feelings lady, right?”

Wrong. There may be some school counselors who are mushy, but I’m not one of them. Yes, I teach about feelings, a lot. This doesn’t make me mushy. This makes me a teacher of social-emotional skills that are crucial for your child’s/student’s development…

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it’s memorial day here in these united states…traditionally it’s bbq and fireworks…kids playing and vets remembered…for me? i won’t be bbq’ing and i have no money for fireworks…the kids will be playing but they aren’t my children and i don’t know any vets personally…nope, i’ll be sitting in my little locked box in my boxers and hoping work calls so i’ll be working tomorrow…life is really kinda hard but, at 51, i’m becoming resolved to the fact that my lack of socializing skills is not going to magically improve…so i may get moody but i’ll be ok for the most part…here’s some pics from my hd…enjoy…


and some work pics now..ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


but wait…let me post a selfie!!!


that’s all folks…for now


watching children grow and knock down their fears is a awesome thing

Mom Life Now

IMG_0335Arrhenphobia is the fear of men. I am secretly praying Boston will have this one during her high school years.

Automysophobia is the fear of being dirty. Oh, what I would give for my kids to have just a touch of this one!

Blennophobia, the fear of slime–no Goosebumps’ episodes for these individuals.

Personally,  I think I have zoophobia, the fear of animals. They are fine from a distance but I get tense even having a small kitten too close. My poor kids who will forever be begging for a pet to no avail.

Not a phobia, just a childhood hesitation, Boston has been terrified of the slide all season. We go to the park almost daily and she has a great time swinging, climbing, running, yet never sliding. I tried encouraging her until blue in the face and finally just gave up, deciding there was always next year.

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Rev. Evan M. Dolive

photo (1)

Hundreds of girls have been kidnapped in Nigeria because they had the audacity to want to get an education.

Be in prayer for these girls and that they might be brought back to their families safely.  It’s hard to imagine that so many girls could be taken away.  Social media as been buzzing trying to draw attention to this problem.

Sadly this problem is not just located in Africa but every day women, men and children are sold into modern day slavery and sex trafficking.

Despite all of the rhetoric and differences that get thrown around Christian circles there should be a united front from all followers of Christ.  These girls (or any person for that matter) are not property to be bought and sold and exchanged for goods.  If we truly believe in the divine presence of God indwells within all of humanity then we should be outraged at…

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i know this sounds simplistic but “REAL MEN DON”T BUY GIRLS”…

I recently posted (on another site) my support for the girls kidnapped in Nigeria Image

well, almost immediately some one asked me about a issue close to her heart…so let me clearly state: I DO NOT BELIEVE ANY PERSON OR GROUP OF PEOPLE, (ESP. KIDS) SHOULD SUFFER HARM BECAUSE OF SOMEBODY’S GREED, LUST, OR HATRED 

now for your daily AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!Image

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