watching children grow and knock down their fears is a awesome thing

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IMG_0335Arrhenphobia is the fear of men. I am secretly praying Boston will have this one during her high school years.

Automysophobia is the fear of being dirty. Oh, what I would give for my kids to have just a touch of this one!

Blennophobia, the fear of slime–no Goosebumps’ episodes for these individuals.

Personally,  I think I have zoophobia, the fear of animals. They are fine from a distance but I get tense even having a small kitten too close. My poor kids who will forever be begging for a pet to no avail.

Not a phobia, just a childhood hesitation, Boston has been terrified of the slide all season. We go to the park almost daily and she has a great time swinging, climbing, running, yet never sliding. I tried encouraging her until blue in the face and finally just gave up, deciding there was always next year.

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