I can be so out going in these public places…yet in the “real world” i’m seen as a introvert…

rocks into roses

I began this writing endeavor with a series of 9 posts on Facebook.  I’d like to share them again here over the next week or so, adding a few thoughts which have occurred as a result of feedback received.

Who Would Choose It? Who Would Choose It?

When I made this first post a little over a week ago, it was my first public hint at an explanation to my friends for my absence from social media and life in general over the past several years… I was testing the waters to see what kind of response there would be, so I kept this initial post short and sweet.  I also knew the series would have 9 posts in all… I expected to tailor the remaining posts according to any comments made in response.

I was surprised and pleased to receive an outpouring of love and support from friends with whom I had mostly…

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