women everywhere need to understand not all of us men are stuoid…this guy here is right on topic

Pete Wilgoren

Dear Cafe Mom “The Stir”, this week you featured an eye popping article “What Men Really Think Of Pregnant Women’s Bodies” promising a no-holds barred look at what guys “really” think… and telling women.. “seriously be warned you might get angry”… You then had a smattering of “men’s opinions” with big bold anonymous quotes like “it hurts to look” at her… or pregnancy is OK if she doesn’t become an “amorphous blob”.. or one who called pregnancy a turn off and said “since she’s already seeded up, you’re better off looking for sex elsewhere” or the one who said it’s disgusting “like taking a Porsche, destroying it with an axe, and exchanging it with a Dodge”. Only a couple of your so-called “real men” had truly positive things to say. And here’s where I call total BS. While it might be a fun read… I think it is entirely inaccurate…

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