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I just found this on youtube(it may not be new though)

I really don’t need another dog but here we go…who can fault me for wanting to take this cutie in?

it don’t take a lot of deep digging to find proof of this…here’s banksy…

for some reason my machine won’t let me post a comment…so i’m going to circumvent that route and post my comment here, as a post…(mostly in response to OM)

I don’t judge …we americans, as a government, are damn rasist!!! we have slavery, the trail of tears, internment camps and other examples in our history…so, unless you’re actively ploting a bombing raid you’re probably just fine…and just because somebody labels you as racist does not mean it’s true

so…maybe my machine will let me post THIS!!!!

I’ve been fighting bronchitis since sunday. when it took me down I didn’t know what it was…and the hospital blanketed all my symptoms with the bronchitis diagnosis…I had shortness of breath, tingling in my left arm, a spiking headache…well i’m 52, exercise as often as a rock so it kinda freaked me out…at midnight (lunch time for us vampires) I go to the hospital…I’ve been off work for 2 days, it’s cold, and i’m a hermit…now I have bronchitis AND cabin fever. i’m headed to work tonight, I hope, unless it gets cancelled

I had to overdraft my bank to pay for scripts….3pills were $15!!!!! damn where’s obamacare when you need it??? oh wait, i’m not a insurance company or a medical industry corporation…sorry I digress…anyway I owe $45 for $17 worth of scripts because the od is $30…another reason to get off my ass and work…I must pay bills…sick or not

wow!!! over 100 words!!! well, it’s not all bad; I do have some pics…let’s see what I can dig up…


2 inch lifting cables at work20141109_02215020141126_01021620141124_04094820141126_063050

that’s a few pics from work…


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