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me2…I think laughter is the best natural stress reliever around

Sometimes I pretend to be Normal


Audrey was so right!

Laughter can cure anything. A tense moment, sadness, embarrassment, or whatever state you are in, laughter seems to make everything better. It takes you out of yourself and moves you to a place of joy.

I cherish the people I know who love to laugh or someone who has a great laugh. It’s a cure for everything.

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I change my quite often but the last one was from the dusty files…and over 10yr old…so I just change it to a much newer one…not that it’ll be noticed much

here’s another boring vlog….I know people are checking my page…and that’s good. i’m not much for writing, the older I get the worst my writing ability becomes…so I vlog. I also shop online quite often since I have no vehicle…I do need to go to the store and it’s raining or at least trying too…so here’s the video

i’m not sure this will work or if it’s even allowable but i’m gonna try to post a link to my board, “childhood cancer, the biggest bully” just in case anybody is dealing with cancer

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