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in many places there are kids living with war…and this image is from a refuge camp in Syria, taken by a Turkish photographer.

meet Osman Sağırlı


no matter your struggle I send hugs and prayers. I really take my life for granted and pictures like this remain me just how blessed I am.sitting in my cave listening to M.I.A and surfing the ‘net AND not expecting bombing raids or men in tanks. I expect to go to work and bitch about my trivia issues…I don’t expect any problems getting a pay check in a couple days.

all this reflection from one photograph…THAT’S photography folks…but these war kids deserve a trip to disneyworld

here’s a boring vlog…

here’s some vides of women being awesome…enjoy

ok, first I totally don’t understand this behavior; this cutting yourself because you’re upset or heart broken. I do empathize though so I post this from google+

I add this update I just found…

it’s come to my attention that a recent reblog,  “a modern Cinderella”, has some kinda security issue…therefore it’s gone. folks, if you’re producing stuff my security software don’t like i’m gonna take it off my site. nothing personal because I don’t know anything about you but that crap ain’t cool

alright, i’m not a normal man…I hate sports, I don’t drink, or drugs…I don’t want a man-cave…i’m too old to wade through all the drama of trying to develop a relationship…disgracing women for a quickie is just stupid, and I don’t want to hang with the guys…I don’t do bars or clubs…I barely do porn..I don’t wanna watch other guys do it…and men colors are depressing!!! give me sparkles, pinks, bright colors…and sometimes blacklight colors…and I love reading about women who managed to survive and thrive past their oppression…or women in third world countries whose daily life is harder then my will ever be.think about these examples (from a google search)

and the kids have to be included too

and how washing clothes?

then there’s some heros. rosa parks, after a long day just wanted to get on the bus and go home. I don’t know the whole story, but she sure didn’t want to go to back of the bus. how about neomi Campbell she survived some real violence, and is a knock-out too!!!

and I just read this one today, on a hit list because she is outspoken about violent Muslim men and the culture she escaped.

i’m not a normal man…and sure am glad I ain’t!!! I seem to only fit in my little cave and that’s fine by me. hopefully it’s fine by you too. if not you know how to fix that huh?

ok, seems that pilots  are becoming the weak link in aviation and there’s been a couple runaway trains due to human error.yet we are using drones extensively on the battle front…yes, I totally believe robots have a place in the airplane and the train…we do have remotely operated trains in railyards

and that technogly could easily be applied to a jet like this one

this is what I posted on google+

well normal operating parameters can be established…not sure how to elimate the human factor totally BUT we can put a human outside the the plane to watch the plane…if it leaves the main RADAR than a alarm goes off and a secondary RADAR kicks in and a complete set of controls can be remotely monitored including video of the cockpit environment…and this remote set-up can take over…it’s not perfect but it’d take a lot more than a lone eagle to kill a plane full of people

this is indeed great news…and look at that beautiful smile

thumpup said it couldn’t be done…and to all those who might be wondering…LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!and so my thrusday has started…hope your day rocks


there’s a lot of movies I saw in the 90s ‘d like to see again but I forgot most of them. here’s a couple i’d like to see so I hope somebody can help with the titles.

1st one : in one scene the guy is fresh out of prison and really wants not go back but decides to do “one last job” with the family. they steal cars and load them onto ships bound for Europe and there’s a old man riding shotgun and they drive into a trap. when the door gets jerked open this old takes a shot at the cop but our x-con grabs the prison and gets a shot through his hand.

2nd movie: basically is duel between the girls and boys about who can build the coolest treehouse. at one point the kids are inside a water tower and a little boy has to be rescued from the whirlpool caused by the draw down

so, peeps, who’s gonna be my hero here?

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