I’ve had some mighty big dreams through the decades…as a kid I wanted to be a world traveler, going to the further reaches of the world. later, I saw a 5-acre homestead in mother earth news and that became my dream; along the way, of course I wanted to raise kids too. my dreams included cars, motorhomes, tractor trucks, yachts…and the list went on. I turned 18. about 10yr later my life choices and selfish ways were at odds with johnny law and I found myself looking through razor wire…for a 10yr bit. I hatched dreams in that void that had no basis on the real world. and I slowed down. I saw certain facets of my personality that were NOT going to change. I began to see my limitations. and over the course of 14-1/2yr I’ve shredded some dreams. kids? nope. world traveler? nope, (most countries won’t grant visas to x-cons) no yachts, planes, or big estates. I still have dreams. they are much simpler now.a small bit of dirt because paying taxes is cheaper than rent.and I wanna stop working for the man when I turn 62. I wanna play on the ‘net and sleep when the urge hits, not by some schedule and making chump change for some corporation who doesn’t even know my name. i’ll gladly do day labor …if I feel like it and the ssa rules permit it. and i’ll get welfare.

so will you dreams come true? are they flexible and changeable? i’m also posting a personal vlog and a movie about pistol pete that I found on youtube.

so snuggle up with a buddy and some snacks and watch a cheesy movie.