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I strongly dislike that YouTube plays a new video for me.  I strongly love a whole assload of videos I have seen on YouTube over the last few years.  It is a fabulous fucking time to have ears.  This song is from John Lennon’s “primal scream” phase.  John Lennon’s “Mother.”  I can’t fucking believe this even exists, let alone can I play it for you:

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this is a conversation I have been engaged in recently.

ME: good luck with your vote…I, too, refuse to vote…we are led by a bunch of rich guys out of touch with the people

onegidigirl says: ‘Goodluck’? Was that pun intended? Lol. On a serious note, it’s very unfortunate, the level of their corruption. Have u seen the picture of an envelope with the PDP logo packed full of dollar bills? They’ve devalued the naira and now its not good enough even to give as bribe. That alone makes me weep. Sad

ME: I didn’t see the pun

onegidigirl says: I did. An hidden treasure. Clearly u don’t know your own wit.

ME:well, i’m glad I didn’t offend…plz explain?

onegidigirl says: I don’t blame you for not understanding. You would if u were Nigerian though. The current President’s name is Goodluck Jonathan. U wished me good luck in d beginning of your comment. Goodluck Jonathan is d presidential candidate no one wants, at least not me. So I thought u were joking. Turned out you were unintentionally funny

ME: wow…alrighty then…and some more nails have been added to my bridge across the cultural gap…you are awesome because some folks would’ve taken offense

I love the international aspects of being on the ‘net…I will never have a passport because i’m a x-con and broke too…this is a fine example of how peace is developed; two things happened

1) I was relaxed and posted a random comment…with no ill intention

2) the reader responded AND explained why she responded

so next time you’re offended by a comment take a deep breath and carry the conversation a bit further to see if the offense was intentional…maybe you stumbled on somebody who don’t know everything who’s open to learning

thank you onegidigirl for making me more aware of my world

Now the wiki:

.…Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan, GCFR, BNER, GCON (born 20 November 1957)[1] is a Nigerian politician who has been President of Nigeria since 2010. Prior to his role as President, he served as Governor of Bayelsa State from 2005 to 2007 and as Vice-President of Nigeria from 2007 to 2010. Jonathan is a member of the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

ain’t every REAL daddy got this “problem”? if I had kids they’d be spoiled and the whole world wouldscron me…by my “spoiled kids” would be my blessing to the world…they would be smart and independent…and they’d have all the shoes they’d want…

Pete Wilgoren

The morning started with the “doe eyes”… the “puppy dog” eyes… the “dadddyyyyyyy” eyes. My daughter gave me the look, the irresistible look, the unavoidable look, the “I’ve got you wrapped around my finger look”. She wanted new shoes. And she was pulling out the one trick that she knew would work.. the eyes.

I’ve seen those eyes for years. You see, my wife perfected the eyes and the little eye flutter. The “please” the “pretty please” the “I know you love me and would do anything for me” eyes. And she’s used them over the years like a silent assassin, a highly successful mind control, which kills my reasoning and my “no reflex”. You know the “no reflex”? You immediately say “no” before they can even get out what they wanted. So my wife perfected the “eyes” and it just kills the reflex. And like a finely trained machine…

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well, here’s a bit of my writing…I wish I had follow-through…plz comment if you have useful info…or, even you don’t…lol

He listened to the drives as they roared through space…sigh…he hated hypedrive. Nothing but the noise of the tired GE Max Ion Drives and the creaks and groans of a aged freighter way out of specs but, by God, making money…woohoo!!! Sigh…the com buzzed,

“Capt’ you gonna miss the morning round table.”

Ahh shit…he tossed the covers and put his naked body in motion, “Comin’ mate…save me some coffee and don’t go to war without me.”

“Aye capt..out”

He stepped on D-O-G’s tail and the old dog yelped…sorry…

After a shit, shave, and shower Captain Toes headed for the Officers Mess for the daily round table. The round table was generally breakfast with the major players in the operation of the ship. Heads of the departments responsible for life support, gravity, drives, nav/com, and food service. A bitch session, but a necessary bitch session that resulted in smooth operations of a space ship. As he headed to the meeting he paused to meet crew members with their issues, maybe to flirt, or simply to say hi. D-O-G went his own way, the aging dog not caring to much about the whereabouts of his owner.

The ship was a relic of the space race after NASA but right before the General Trade and Social Relations Agreement(GTSRA). It had seen service as a battleship, troop transport, a refugee barge, and a ship graveyard before a auction put it in the hands of Captain Toes and his motley crew of rebels. It had seen too many refits and emergency underway repairs but it was loyal and a real work horse.

It was 750′ bow to stern 100′ port to starboard; had a rated cargo carrying capacity of 75,000tons. She could process methane ice into various products; currently they were to deliver 45,000 cubic ft of natural gas to NASA 6. NASA 6 is a small cold moon and they were always ready buyers. This time though, it was a rush order as they had lost a 500,000 cubic ft tank to a meteorite and a much smaller tank meant shut downs and a lot of very cold people. He turned one last time and could hear his comrades and their tales of fortune. A typical boring day in outer space

i’m kinda partial to the issues of women and children…in case you haven’t noticed

and here’s a cool link…http://ntv.nation.co.ke/

here we go!!! a boring vlog and nap time…

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