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ok…I have a couple thousand pics from the internet…so i’ll share a few here since my last post was so serious…so, enjoy these classics from the ‘net…

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I posted this comment on a video regarding bullying…here’s that video
2:27 to 2:35…5 times she said something about the bullying!!!  when the victim gets tired of crying and talking; when they decide the it’s “fight or die”…that’s when the media picks it up…the victim either lashes out in anger and attacks or closes down and jumps off a chair…if the public system won’t resolve the problem it’s time to homeschool…plenty of “packaged curriculums” now…and public social events as well…it’s a dangerous world and most bullying victims do survive but not always with socially acceptable approaches…when I was the bullying victim (a 70s kid) some of the earliest bullying came from coaches who encouraged the abuse…I did not have a supportive family group, and for the most part, the school admin was like, “get tough, you’re a boy!!!”…I ended up in juvie and dropped out of high school…I later became the abuser and ended up in doing a 10yr bit…been out for almost 15yr now…we are much more aware of bullying and its effects…school districts are splitting age groups up…but bullying will always be a part of life; there will always be school buses, and sadly, it’s not always just to kick the bully off the bus…and kids are just easier to bully…bullys always seem to know how to size up their victims…this video is a year old and I hope things have improved greatly
I sometimes can be long -winded, but hopefully I can also make sense as well….I think it’s important we, as adults need to take a stand against stupidity but we have to be careful we don’t drown tring to save the person drowning…for example, these kids bullying/whupping a girl…( I believe the victim was 15 and “messing with” the attacker’s “man”…yeah, high school teen drama, BUT…intervention was needed…here’s a video of the incident
as a adult, if I get involved, lets of things could happen to me…these are kids!!! girls…if, in the process. of trying to stop the fight some girl says she got hit by me, or “touched”, then I might go down too…would I intervene? maybe but I tend to be a wuss and am sorta allergic to pain…but still…i’d hope i’d not be in the cheering crowd as the girl gets beaten…folks, some kids know no other way…it’s ingrained in their lives…but their parents who disciple their children, regardless of public opinion…these brave souls deserve all the praise that is directed their way…these kids are likely to be in that group of kids who wouldn’t engage in these types of brawls…kids are people and each one is different…no two will respond to a given set of circumstances…some don’t respond as expected to disciple but in a year i’d love to hear what this 16yr old rioter will say about this video…
over 500 words!!! wow…I deserve a medal…at least a nap, my head hurts…
live long and prosper

well…he who hasn’t reached this point…hmmm it might stll happen

Must Be This Tall To Ride

(Image courtesy of screen-wallpapers.com) (Image courtesy of screen-wallpapers.com)

“Shit! I have to go.”

Everything was hazy and surreal in the smoke-filled room. It’s because four of us just burned a massive blunt. I was pretty high. There was nothing particularly weird about that. In college, I was often pretty high.

“Where do you have to go?” my friends asked.

“Bible study,” I said. “I forgot all about it.”

“Bible study!? You can’t go to bible study!” my roommate said. He didn’t say it because he, or anyone else in the room, had a problem with faith or bible studies. He said it because I looked and smelled and was acting exactly like someone who had just smoked a lot of marijuana, and he figured—perhaps correctly—that it wasn’t an appropriate time to study Scripture.

“Gotta do it, man,” I said. And then I ran off on my 10-minute trek to meet a guy whose name…

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ok…I beat youtube!!! I posted a vlog but the link is bad…so I opened up the yt editor and dropped that video into it and made a single change…now it works!!! pfffft!!!

here’s today’s post…I hope…let’s see

really cool; the things you find as you check your email…

I think her words have all the volume needed


1funny191You can’t always get what you want. The Rolling Stones and parents have been telling us this for years, but they’re not all leading by example. The Stones at least qualified by saying, if you try sometimes…you might get what you need.

I was in a store the other day where a teeny-weeny tornado of a child, innocuously dressed in pink, yet she may well have been the spawn of something evil that came from the bowels of a very toasty place, was screaming at the top of her lungs that she wanted something. I believe it was a doll of some kind, but it was hard to tell as her words flowed together in one raging howl. Spittle flew from her small bow lips and her Dora clasped pigtails bobbed wildly as her neck precariously thrashed her tiny head back and forth in classic Exorcist style as she raged…

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there would be so more peace in the world if we didn’t blame so many wars on God!!!

A Momma's View


I might get myself into dangerous territory here. But there is one thing that I need to get off my chest. Actually I already did a little while ago with this post. So just for being clear: I’m aware of the fact that religion is really important to many of you. I’m aware that you believe and that you gain a lot of strength out of it. I’m aware that your believes helped many of you through really hard times.

So I thought it’s time for some lists.

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