the insurance industry and medical industry almost let this woman die…if you hurt and one doctor says he don’t know? keep looking!!! you might find a doctor who actually studied the courses and is willing to help you…most don’t seem to care…pay your co-pay 1st just in case there’s nothing I can do…lucky for this girl she was able to get the funds for a doctor…

The 'n' Phases of her Tumor

Life without the partner 
She was on a date with her life – dressing up, writing, cooking, reading… they did everything together. It almost looked like a perfect couple with little tiffs like deadlines and charred meat to spice it up. A tear or two always came to her rescue when she gossiped to the diary. Her art was living and breathing. She took pride in taming the most beastly thing she knew – her desire!

She never met him, never even glanced! His glimpses always escaped her attention. He started to take over on the sly. Fall began and so did his work on her. Before his entry, she was a sculptor and the sculpture. She was on a holiday with her friends when he started creeping into her.

“I’ll be done with that assignment in 20 min.”
“But this is difficult and I’ve been on it for 2…

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