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we did get sent home around 3am…

don’t let the “professionals” force you into concrete shoes…the damn don’t float!!! proudly display your stars so the world knows you shine

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So writing and dyslexia have never gone well together. The structure and tones would be horrible, the character creation would be a struggle and don’t get me started on the grammar and spelling.

Basically it would be hard work for the writer and a harder job for the reader reading his/her work.

The dyslexic writer might not even know the work is bad or would be staring at a word that looks completely wrong yet the spell checker isn’t doing anything with it, stumping the writing progress forever. And it is tough.

Imagine going through school wanting to do something academic and seeing your grades fall despite the hours of studying while your friends don’t study and get straight A’s. Or even going into a separate class because of your “disability”.

And in a roundabout way it is a disability. You can walk down your street and ask people if…

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and here’s some cool boats and a oil rig I helped build…I built scaffolding for the welders

and here are some cool…nah…SUPER COOL boats

then there are some freakin’ HUGE machines

I hope you enjoy these videos…I wish they were mine but, nope, these come from the mighty,mighty servers in youtube land

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