I love this…awesome…a better story than the one harry chapin told so many years ago…https://youtu.be/7OqwKfgLaeA


Note from Dadmissions:
Yep, I had one of those weird out of parent moments where your kid says something so poignant that it stops you dead and then you sit there and ponder life’s questions while you feel a little like throwing up. It happened this morning on the playground. My daughter actually said the first three lines. I then started panicking about the rest…

Daddy won’t you watch me swing
Look at me daddy how high I can go
Daddy watch me fly

It happens in an instant
From playgrounds and preschools
To report cards, caps, and gowns

Daddy won’t you watch me graduate
Look at me daddy with my diploma
Daddy watch me fly

The days go by and suddenly years
From colleges and first kisses
To apartments, cars, and jobs

Daddy won’t you walk me down the aisle
Look at me daddy your daughter a bride

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