and in this corner…one rocking chick…damn she took that all in stride…it would’ve been even better if her panic button had worked…I sure am glad she wasn’t hurt


It’s one thing to remain calm under pressure, but it’s another to have the wherewithal to take your sweet time double-bagging cigarettes during an armed robbery. A Salt Lake City smoke shop clerk has become an unwitting star this week, after her sister posted a video of her narrating the surveillance video from a robbery at her store over the weekend hit the Internet.

The clerk told local media she shot the video “That one time I was held at gunpoint” just to share with her sister, but since her sibling posted it to Reddit on Tuesday, it’s already gotten over 250K views. And for good reason — not only does she keep her cool as seen on the video even while the emergency police button is out of order (unbeknownst to her), but she displays excellent customer service in assisting the robber. All of this makes the narration…

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