west texas rose bush

west texas rosebush,aka tumbleweed

bobbi sox

bobbie sox and her dog house

actx at 24th street

Amarillo college

archs at taylor street

what’s really cool here is the arches are really getting smaller

house fire

i got burned out here

kitchen shot 001

my place on polk street, the last time I lived in amarillo

prospect sign

kinda sad to have no hope huh?

rock island sign

here’s some pics from Liverpool, tx and a couple of other places I’ve lived

chocolate bayou, 2004

chocolate bayou, 2004…that’s snow


i miss my sewing machine

my escort

my escort, Liverpool, tx…a rare 8″ snowstorm


one of my buddies…he’s all grown up with no clue who I am…lol

pavement recyclingVI

I was a live-in caretaker when I got to take these pics

truck 1980 F-150

my dead f-150 and the Winnie I never paid off

and a couple pics from where i’m at now…


duncum st, cloverleaf area


chicken strips and fries


have a nice day m-fer smiley


water tower, not sure but I think this is cloverleaf

kokomo street sign, houston

east houston

liberty resturant art003

liberty, texas

moon at work

moon over work

random image

looks country but it’s just steps off I-10, east harris county, cloverleaf area


at the gun range on van road

hope you had fun…see you later