1965 chevy impala (I was 18yr old) I paid $350

1963 chevy nova wagon ( around 20yr old, I guess) I paid $250

1974 ford ltd (late 20s) $500(?)

1978 Toyota (late 20s, around the time I got the ltd) $800, from a car lot

1968 dodge wagon (late 80s, around the time I bought the ltd and Toyota) $150

went to prison, lost 10yr

1997 50cc scooter, given to me

1989 ford escort (38yr) paid $250

*1981 ford f-150, needed engine,my 1st PU…it never ran, $1000(?)

*1983 ford, f-150, $1500 (?)

*1987 ford f-250, traded the 1983 for this one

*1980 Winnebago, 22′ motorhome, abandoned it when my job ran out

* I bought all these vehicles from the same car lot, all were junk and by the time I bought the Winnie I decided he’d screwed me enough…I never even looked back when I moved out of state

then I came back to texas…decided to go to college in Amarillo

1991 chevy caviler, paid $800 (in my 40s), car lot

2005(?) 50cc scooter, (late 40s), it was my 1st brand new vehicle

1986 buick, never ran real good

1995 ford f-150, (in my 40s), $4500,car lot, gave it to a friend who gave it to her daughter who drives it daily

1995 chevy 2500, $2500, (late 40s), this was my baby…I loved this truck!!! sadly, I killed it…I was too poor to take care of it and buy fuel…I drove it into the ground

2002 town and country, $1200 (52yr), my current vehicle and I messed up the computer so it sits in the yard

wow…what a list! I bought most vehicles based on my pocket and need…though early on I had dreams of fixing a few of them up…all I want now is for the darn thing to run and not always need fixing…I really wish I could buy a brand new smart car…

so, what does your list look like?