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there’s some really clever solutions to problems…and thx to youtube I can show you some stuff I think is totally cool…feast your eyes on how these containers get loaded

1st, somewhere in Europe a junk yard developed a super quick way to deliver their product to their costumer

2nd the japs know how to deliver trucks

#3 these lads from the UK are loading 4 cars into a container

#4 here’s a system for loading non-hazardous bulk luquids

#5 how about hanging clothes?

then there is containerized clinics, power plants and such

let’s just chill out!!!

west texas rose bush

west texas rosebush,aka tumbleweed

bobbi sox

bobbie sox and her dog house

actx at 24th street

Amarillo college

archs at taylor street

what’s really cool here is the arches are really getting smaller

house fire

i got burned out here

kitchen shot 001

my place on polk street, the last time I lived in amarillo

prospect sign

kinda sad to have no hope huh?

rock island sign

here’s some pics from Liverpool, tx and a couple of other places I’ve lived

chocolate bayou, 2004

chocolate bayou, 2004…that’s snow


i miss my sewing machine

my escort

my escort, Liverpool, tx…a rare 8″ snowstorm


one of my buddies…he’s all grown up with no clue who I am…lol

pavement recyclingVI

I was a live-in caretaker when I got to take these pics

truck 1980 F-150

my dead f-150 and the Winnie I never paid off

and a couple pics from where i’m at now…


duncum st, cloverleaf area


chicken strips and fries


have a nice day m-fer smiley


water tower, not sure but I think this is cloverleaf

kokomo street sign, houston

east houston

liberty resturant art003

liberty, texas

moon at work

moon over work

random image

looks country but it’s just steps off I-10, east harris county, cloverleaf area


at the gun range on van road

hope you had fun…see you later

and in this corner…one rocking chick…damn she took that all in stride…it would’ve been even better if her panic button had worked…I sure am glad she wasn’t hurt

1965 chevy impala (I was 18yr old) I paid $350

1963 chevy nova wagon ( around 20yr old, I guess) I paid $250

1974 ford ltd (late 20s) $500(?)

1978 Toyota (late 20s, around the time I got the ltd) $800, from a car lot

1968 dodge wagon (late 80s, around the time I bought the ltd and Toyota) $150

went to prison, lost 10yr

1997 50cc scooter, given to me

1989 ford escort (38yr) paid $250

*1981 ford f-150, needed engine,my 1st PU…it never ran, $1000(?)

*1983 ford, f-150, $1500 (?)

*1987 ford f-250, traded the 1983 for this one

*1980 Winnebago, 22′ motorhome, abandoned it when my job ran out

* I bought all these vehicles from the same car lot, all were junk and by the time I bought the Winnie I decided he’d screwed me enough…I never even looked back when I moved out of state

then I came back to texas…decided to go to college in Amarillo

1991 chevy caviler, paid $800 (in my 40s), car lot

2005(?) 50cc scooter, (late 40s), it was my 1st brand new vehicle

1986 buick, never ran real good

1995 ford f-150, (in my 40s), $4500,car lot, gave it to a friend who gave it to her daughter who drives it daily

1995 chevy 2500, $2500, (late 40s), this was my baby…I loved this truck!!! sadly, I killed it…I was too poor to take care of it and buy fuel…I drove it into the ground

2002 town and country, $1200 (52yr), my current vehicle and I messed up the computer so it sits in the yard

wow…what a list! I bought most vehicles based on my pocket and need…though early on I had dreams of fixing a few of them up…all I want now is for the darn thing to run and not always need fixing…I really wish I could buy a brand new smart car…

so, what does your list look like?

I did a full virus scan yesterday and nothing showed up but my computer doing weird shit…mostly not responding to mouse clicks…but c&p sometimes don’t work…I may have corrupted drivers…no clue…anyway here’s a vlog

1st around 9:30 sunday a boat pulled out

mostly we loaded the national glory,(its home port is in Delaware!)

finally around 4:30 this morning the solent came in

yep a boring sunday night…that’s all

well, look at our newest house guest…

IMAG0117 IMAG0116

and some flowers I caught the other day…


yet another vlog for all my followers…

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