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Published on May 21, 2015

‘You still have a bedtime’: Furious mother of 13-year-old girl who pretended to be 19 online and posed in lingerie Facebook pictures shames her in viral video

Denver cosmetology student Val Sparks posted 5-minute video on her Facebook page Sunday showing her confrontation with her daughter

Videos has been viewed more than 10.6million times and shared more than 313,000 times as of Wednesday

Sparks said she decided to publicly shame her child after discovering racy photos on her Facebook page

In the video, Sparks makes the girls admit that she doesn’t own any lacy underwear, has a 10pm bedtime and still watches children’s shows

When a Colorado mother discovered that her 13-year-old daughter has been pretending to be 19 on Facebook and posing for pictures in lacy lingerie, she shot a video to publicly shame the girl for her actions.

The recording clocking it at 5 minutes, 40 seconds, shows Val Starks berating her daughter and forcing her to admit that she is a just a kid who still watches the Disney Channel, doesn’t wear makeup and owns no sexy underwear.

Starks posted the video on her Facebook page Sunday, and it instantly went viral. By Wednesday night, it has racked up more than 10.6million views and 313,000 shares.

‘You’re 13,’ Starks, a cosmetology student from Denver, tells her daughter in the video. ‘So why does your Facebook page say that your 19? Are you 19?’

‘No,’ the girl replies, standing with her arms folded across her chest in the front yard of her mother’s home.

‘And are you a freak?’ Starks inquires of her daughter, to which she quietly replies, ‘No.’

‘So you’re 13, we’ve established in the last few seconds that you’re not a freak, that you don’t sit at home with your bra on, you don’t wear makeup, you don’t take pictures like that, you don’t have no lace panties, you barely know how to wipe your a** good, don’t you… but you’re a freak?’ Starks demands of her daughter, referring to something the girl apparently had written on her Facebook page.

‘So tell them that you’re 13, you’re not a freak and you don’t know how to wipe your a** good,’ Starks commands the girl.

As the visibly embarrassed teen breaks down in tears, her mother says: ‘Don’t cry now. You wasn’t crying when you was posting pictures on Facebook, was you? In a bra, or some little girl in some lace panties you know you don’t own. You still wear panties that say Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

‘You still have a bedtime,’ Starks says. ‘Tell them you still watch Disney Channel.’

She then forces the 13-year-old to say into the camera that she has to be in bed by 10pm every day, that she still watches children’s shows on TV and does not dress in lace lingerie.

‘To everybody out there who’s her friend… I want all of you to know she watches Disney Channel, she has a bedtime, she doesn’t sit around in bra, she doesn’t own any lace panties and she doesn’t know how to wipe her butt good at 13,’ Ms Starks sums up.

The mother then sent a message to all the men her daughter allegedly had been communicating with on Facebook: ‘She’s a kid and she’s gonna stay a kid. And as long as she’s under my roof, she’s gonna do what I say.’

The video concludes with Val Starks saying that her daughter will spend the entire summer grounded without access to television or the Internet, with only books to keep her entertained.

‘You’re gonna sit all summer long and think about how you’ll never be on Facebook again,’ Ms Starks tells the sobbing teen. ‘Say, “Bye, Facebook!”’

Most of the people who have left comments on Starks’ page praised the single mother for her no-nonsense, tough-love parenting style.

Christina Cabrera Quiles wrote: ‘Great parenting, way to go..show her whose boss and your [sic] not tolerating that.’

Another user, Lisa Michelle White, commented: ‘Praise to you for giving a dam about your child. I feel pride seeing someone else who is working hard to raise a beautiful child the way we where [sic] raised.’

But some users questioned Starks’ unorthodox approach, suggesting that there was no need to publicly humiliate the girl.

Krystal Lewis wrote: ‘I am pissed… A parent should discipline their damn child privately instead of publicly humiliating them! ANY PARENT THAT DOES THIS ISNT A GOOD PARENT! I f***ing hate parents like this! This is why children rebel and other s***!’

In an interview with 7News, Val Starks said she was astonished when one day she came upon suggestive photographs featuring her underage daughter on the girl’s Facebook page.

‘She’s had issues with Facebook in the past, at least four times in the past,’ Starks said. ‘She spent half of last summer on punishment after being on Facebook, and it wasn’t even half as bad.”

Responding to her critics, Starks said she has explained to her daughter that her decision to videotape their confrontation and share it with the world came from a place of love and concern for her safety.

there’s some really clever solutions to problems…and thx to youtube I can show you some stuff I think is totally cool…feast your eyes on how these containers get loaded

1st, somewhere in Europe a junk yard developed a super quick way to deliver their product to their costumer

2nd the japs know how to deliver trucks

#3 these lads from the UK are loading 4 cars into a container

#4 here’s a system for loading non-hazardous bulk luquids

#5 how about hanging clothes?

then there is containerized clinics, power plants and such

let’s just chill out!!!

west texas rose bush

west texas rosebush,aka tumbleweed

bobbi sox

bobbie sox and her dog house

actx at 24th street

Amarillo college

archs at taylor street

what’s really cool here is the arches are really getting smaller

house fire

i got burned out here

kitchen shot 001

my place on polk street, the last time I lived in amarillo

prospect sign

kinda sad to have no hope huh?

rock island sign

here’s some pics from Liverpool, tx and a couple of other places I’ve lived

chocolate bayou, 2004

chocolate bayou, 2004…that’s snow


i miss my sewing machine

my escort

my escort, Liverpool, tx…a rare 8″ snowstorm


one of my buddies…he’s all grown up with no clue who I am…lol

pavement recyclingVI

I was a live-in caretaker when I got to take these pics

truck 1980 F-150

my dead f-150 and the Winnie I never paid off

and a couple pics from where i’m at now…


duncum st, cloverleaf area


chicken strips and fries


have a nice day m-fer smiley


water tower, not sure but I think this is cloverleaf

kokomo street sign, houston

east houston

liberty resturant art003

liberty, texas

moon at work

moon over work

random image

looks country but it’s just steps off I-10, east harris county, cloverleaf area


at the gun range on van road

hope you had fun…see you later

and in this corner…one rocking chick…damn she took that all in stride…it would’ve been even better if her panic button had worked…I sure am glad she wasn’t hurt

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