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children (even when I was one) see the world through a window, a brand-new and fragile one…it gets smudged and maybe even shattered…most often we adults assume it’s been shattered when it’s just smudged…AND when it’s just smudged we adults can and should clean that window gladly…the best cleaner is love…lots of love…and polished with hugs,,,sure kids can get caught up in the trinkets and gadgets of a modern life but they make lousy cleaners…it does provide a cave for kids to retreat and stop growing; there’s a bit of safety in GTA and HALO allows kids to kill and develop their ability to hate…hate is a natural thing, just in the 2nd slot…love is easier and less painful IF adults are there to guide and protect them as they venture out into the big bad world full of adventure and bullies….it’s really not much more complicated than that….so I do windows when I can…do you?

meet allie knight…driving a shaker and doing awesome videos

so, here’s my 3rd post…some internet pics I gotta organize but wanted to share with my WP buddies…I do hope you giggle, chuckle, or laugh…BUT plz don’t cry, get mad, or throw bombs…here they come…

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I hope these trucks make your nipples hard…(sorry guys, you can watch but this post is for the ladies!!!)

and she’ll fly too

so, the next time dude disses you/your gender..tell them…

i’m gonna havta call myself a rambling man, I guess…lol…ready or not here it is!!!

awesome…my favorite site shut down…POOF!!!…no more…and I loce the rainbow banner…

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we unloaded a great looking  land rover last night…

IMAG0224 IMAG0225 IMAG0225-1

I love these things!!! never knew any history…

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