it’s so very important to read this…kids disappear all the time…develop a “secret code and meeting point” system…so if your child is approached by a stranger with the line, “i am supposed to take you home to momma”…she/he don’t hear the code they immediately say NO!!! and head for the meeting place, the front office, security office, nurse’s station…and explain what’s they have been taught and what just happened…IF that person just forgot the word then their story should be confirmable right?…a million ways to die and only one way to live

A Momma's View

I often get asked to share pictures of us, especially of the kids on Facebook. Not only is it a common thing today to share everything but living abroad with friends and family overseas makes it even more tempting to do. I kind of understand that my friends that are close but not close enough to get a regular Skype call would love to see some pictures. Especially as everyone seems to share everything online nowadays. But I don’t. I don’t put pictures on Facebook.

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