ok…when bored I sometimes test my limits…thus with this post i’m gonna try and post the contents of my folder entitled “flowers”…some are orphans (aka weeds)…I don’t believe God made weeds, man did…weeds are just flowers that are in the way or grow in the cracks…or are just “ugly”…you might light some, hate some, and wonder about others…AND not all of these pics are mine…most are though…I also have some in a mixed folder that haven’t been sorted/named which aren’t included here…therefore, most of these are from amarillo or when I lived in downtown Houston…so…here…we…go!!!!!!( I was adding captions but WP screws up the grouping when I add captions so I stopped…idk why programmers don’t make stuff the way users think…oh, i’m probably how’s thinking weird; anyway no citations, sorry)

mulberries, my pic

mulberries, my pic

once wanted, found in front of abandoned house, Amarillo, my pic

once wanted, found in front of abandoned house, Amarillo, my pic

Orange rose,dt Houston, my pic

Orange rose,dt Houston, my pic


orphan 003, my pic

orphan 003, my pic

orphan 005

orphan 005, my pic

orphan at large

orphan at large, Amarillo, my pic

orphan daisy

orphan daisy, with baby, my pic

orphan hanging around cropped

orphan hanging around ,my pic

osiria rose

osiria rose, internet pic

out on the curb

out on the curb, Amarillo, my pic

pawpaw tree

pawpaw tree, internet pic

picture in a picture

picture in a picture, not sure of source, may be cropped

pink roses1

pink roses, internet pic


pink flowers, internet pic

pretty flowers

pretty flowers, my pic

pretty on pink

pretty on pink, my pic

prickly pears

Amarillo, my pic

purple flowers

purple flowers, my pic


QueenAnnesLace, internet pic

redbud closeup

redbud, internet pic

Roses Love_28

internet pic



some more flowers

my pic

stuck in a crack

stuck in a crack, my pic

thorny subject

thorny subject, my pic

a diffent kinda flower show

a diffent kinda flower show, Amarillo, my pic

a loney little flower

a loney little flower, my pic

american holly

American holly, dt Houston, my pic

an orphan cropped

orphans in the weeds, my pic

an orphan with a friend

an orphan with a friend, Amarillo, my pic


blackberries, my pic

blooming blackberries

blooming blackberries, my pic

butterfly 003

flowers and butterflies

cedar berries

cedar berries, idk why the camera made the berries white, they are blue, Amarillo, my pic


blooming blackberries, Amarillo, my pic

Digital StillCamera

dandelions, my pic

dogwood blooms2

dogwood, internet pic

Flower art

internet pic

flower from deviant art

flower from deviant art, internet pic

flower with shadow

my pic


unsure of source


flowers on hi-way 90, east of Crosby, tx…I was hitchin’ for Dayton, tx, my pic

Flower1 flower002 flower004 flower005 flower006 flower007 flower009 flower010 flower011 flower013 flower016 flower017 flower018 flower019 flower020 flower021 flower022 flower023 flower024 flower026 flower027 (2) flower027 flower028 (2) flower028 flower029 flower030 flower031 flower032 flower033 flower039 flower040 flower041 flower042 flower044 flower045 flower046 flower050 flower052 flower053 flower055 flower057 flower058 flower059 flower061 flower063 flower064 flower065 flower066 flower067 flower068 flower069 flower070 flower071 flower072 flower073 flower074 Flower1001 Flower1101 flowers and butterflies flowers at sunrise flowers in barrel flowers001 (2) flowers001 flowers002 (2) flowers002 flowers003 flowers004 flowers005 garden art gettin' my bloom on IMAG0143 IMG_20140823_120231 IMG_20140904_090030660 IMG_20140906_151855826 IMG_20141011_113827998 IMG_20141020_155111960 IMG_20141104_102244070 IMG_20141104_141556713 IMG_20141106_085623874 jo's flower just a blur kickin with some orphans lost in a bed of green, cropped making way mixed blessings morning glories (2) morning glories