anybody who thinks kids need to be kept in a box…’safe from harm’…get a life!!! and for those of us who think kids deserve a chance to build stuff (and thus self-esteem/confidence) here’s some videos for you

i’d be out of my mind if I didn’t mention girls…

so rather you have boys or girls don’t hamper their desire to learn and try stuff…it’s good for their ego…sure it’s scary!!! and when they are really young you gotta balance their desire with their physical limitations…BUT having watched kids grow up, I know they wanna do the ‘hard stuff’; they want to do (or at least try to do) EVERYTHING!!! money and your fear is their biggest limitations…do you doubt me? then take down the safety gates and leave them alone in the back yard..(NEVER the front yard right???)

there are social concerns; outside considerations but with a parent’s guidance the adventure can be grand