and, so folks…what now? for me, just more bitching and whining…anything more forceful will get me locked up or killed


Dear Uncle, you recently celebrated your 239th birthday but I did not attend the party.  I tried very hard to get into the spirit of the occasion, watched countless TV programs extolling the event, even bought a new flag to hang by the gate.  My effort was in vain.  I just could not bring myself to look you in the eye, wish you a happy birthday and pretend that all was well.

You’ve changed, uncle, and I scarcely recognize you any more.  Where are all the promises you made that year before your actual birth?  What of all the reasons (grievances) you spoke of when you convinced us to separate ourselves from old King George?  When you talked about “taxation without representation” you never even hinted that you would eventually have a tax code that ran some 65,000 pages and be incomprehensible to all, even those who crafted it.

Speaking of taxation without representation, how…

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