digging through my picture files and thought i’d share some of them with you guys…again, I won’t caption most of them because of the WP system…it sux

working the dock001 working the dock002 work016 work017 work018 work015 work013 work010 work 005 work 004 windmill blade being loaded003 windmill blade being loaded002 windmill blade being loaded weight tag warnow whale warnow dolphin unloading a truck009 unloading barges unloading cat 793,001 unloading cat 793,002 unloading cat 793,005 unloading cat 793,006 USAid ship unloading a truck008 unloading a truck007 unloading a truck006 unloading a truck005 unloading a truck004 unloading a truck003 unloading a truck002 tug boat on dock 2 tires staged for export tired cat being exported the deck of a ship the dock 4 the dock the ronneburg the top loader the caribbean sea terex truck on dock terex truck coming into port stella maris staged cargo001 staged cargo southern peru locomotive 2 ship ready to leave ship at work 2 ship at work 4 ship at work seaboard pacific12-31-2013 ROV unit 1 reefer madness railcar be loaded 5 P&O container oversize spool oversize spool 2 our dock national glory mv vega scorpio loading a ship026 loading atruck logo; seahorse lost nest loading a ship024 loading a ship017 loading a ship016 loading a ship015 loading a ship012 loading a ship009 loader being shipped out loader loading a house 002 loading a house 003 large shackle Jacintoport_Spiral-Vayor jacintoport ioulia inside the hold002 IMG_20141102_224502123 IMG_20141011_043611610 IMG_20141014_192716482 IMG_20141023_234323703 IMG_20140907_073123816_HDR IMG_20140905_064707382 IMG_20140902_065712774_HDR IMAG0220 IMAG0216