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and i have to keep my mouth shut because i know what some of the solutions are…but “they don’t work”…anyway…i’m gonna to look for blue bell today…and here’s another boring vlog

for a future craft sale…or if I ever get serious broke…

and for the ladies…

(stretchy material does sew real well on a machine)

I gave up on being positive and you guys flew in like angels…here’s some the comments

I got this one this morning…guys, just saying, ‘hey, I care’ means a lot…

Good day Sir.
I live on the other side of the planet so I cannot offer advise to your situation pertaining to details.
‘Thumb up’ was on my blog visiting and she out of the blue on a post of my son playing the ukulele, titled ‘bringing on the happy’ kinda asked me to come over and cheer you up…
That took me back a bit to be fair, as randomly dropping into someone’s life to say a few words like ‘Awe come on cheer up old boy’ seems contrite on a drastic level.
Thumbs up’s thoughtfulness for other folks tugged me. Your words here tugged me.
I have been dry on my writing for sometime – struggling with various reality issues that have been real hard to get my head around. You know – the unfairness of certain things we face. I have not said as much to people on my blog but it was a matter of life and death(not mine but someone real close – who ARE now OK!) and the changes and ache that would create for my family. (Long story!)
Anyway… I have been kinda drowning. Drowning out the fear. The lost feeling…again. You know – the up and down? I bet you do only to well.
So rather than come comment here straight away I took that feeling in me the inspiration – and I wrote a post. It is a long one. I have veered away from long ones as I feel that often nobody bothers to read them so I tend now more to the short and sweet and easy to do… I kinda betrayed the privilege I have with the ability to formulate ideas and write them down- and always my main objective has been to – well – encourage folks when the going is tough.
Maybe Thumb saw something..I dont know. But I wrote again.
And so here I am to thank you for being YOU and sharing your authentic self with us all and giving that which you have to give to create the ripple through humanity.
We dont always see the effect we have on peoples lives, though sometimes we do.
Thank you for affecting mine yesterday – and reminding me of a few things (which I cant list completely, lets just say a few things I have been wrestling with clicked into place between Thumbs comment, listening here and writing my peace/piece)
Be well and be brave and courageous!
Here’s the post if you are interested – https://idiotwriting.wordpress.com/2015/08/26/freedom-2/
or this one…

I don’t know what to say. It sounds hard…and I’ve been to some hard places. because I’m a problem solver I want to ask questions such as, are there clinics and case managers in your city? is there any kind of outreach service that will help you with transportation? Do you have credit cards that you can use to rent a car a few days at a time so you can get some food? Is there public transportation of any kind?

And who is helping you with your workman’s comp case…have you applied for long term disability, it’s always good to start an application even if you might go back to work, are there any short term residential programs you can enter that might help you to access services while your case is pending?

It looks to me like the situation has you worn down and frazzled…were I still running a program I would consider you an ideal candidate for a stay to prevent a serious depressive episode…

I don;t know if any of this is helpful…

But these are the questions I would ask myself in the same situation.

and there’s the GIFs from thumbup…

and so many others…big hugs to you guys

here’s the links to all who’ve commented up till 8:30amCT, 8-26-15








let’s celebrate…

and for dessert…

time for a drink…

ok, back to work…

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because in the end it’s all a big fucking…

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thx guys you rock

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