i had a couple favorite teachers but lived in the projects…it was the 70s and we wer segrated…wasn’t even aware of the racism…i was bulled every single year…even some coaches/adults…(you NEVER-EVER want to fail at sports in school!!!)…but the school was middle-class and us “project kids” wore hand-me-downs…my mother was struggling with many issues and i was the throne in her side…my best friend’s brother raped me and i guess was too old by 6th grade, anyway this kid rejected me in front of his new friends one day…by 7th grade i was a raging kid and about to crash…oh, btw, the 6th grade was a poorer school and meaner…i was expelled but i had a speech impediment and math problems…and was in juvie in the 8th grade…my mother booted me when i was around 14 and i went back to juvie…than a boys home and a GED…10yr later i screwed over some folks and ended up in prison…now, 15yr have passed and though i’m never gonna be a family man, nor comfortably wealthy, i got me and a job that pays decent money