so…this is news to me…i’m glad somebody cares enough to try and protect native american artifacts…but i kinda think the drug reference is just added flavor


From Monterey Herald, Sept 2015

Associated Press file photograph Fire exposes a barren landscape in Lake County. Looters have taken advantage of such scenes to go after historic artifacts which might have otherwise been hidden by high grass and trees.

LAKEPORT >> The four-year drought that has ravaged California and the wildfires charring through the state’s dry forests have exposed prehistoric Native American sites as water levels drop and thick brush and poison oak are burned away.

That has helped artifact looters searching for obsidian spear points and other artifacts.

“Drought brings the water down. Much of the lake (normally) hides cultural sites and villages,” said Bill Salta, the state parks superintendent in Lake County.

The looters know this, flocking to the water’s newly exposed edge. Or they traverse the scorched earth looking for signs of Native American sites, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Sunday.

Taking the artifacts is…

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