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i think losing a loved one is the worst thing, when my best friend lost her son i thought she’d lose her mind…we all took it so hard…his illness/death blindsided us…be she survives and is really doing awesomely well. i seldom ever get depressed but do get angry with myself…and, out of rage, i’ve considered suicide which is easier to overcome perhaps…idk; i’m still here…so if you’re struggling i hope somebody’s invites you to a soda or something…i hope somebody reaches out and you reach back…live long and prosper

i think it’s incredible what this man describes…he’s an adult…i watched a boy die in the span of 3mo…and he never stopped…until he was 3 days from heaven…so many people have aches and pains that NEVER amount of pain and suffering caused by cancer!!!! this guy’s story is inspiring…

ok, some folks can’t hear my audio…sorry…any suggestions?

and this one will, FOR SURE, get you expelled…maybe even a life sentence!!!!

the surest way to liven up a boring afternoon is for trains to fight gravity…

hungry for more? https://youtu.be/CsO4S0yyS5U

do you like storms…and the word “fuck”?? well, about that

how about a bit of snow? https://youtu.be/wmRYCQgzwpE

OK, not a train but…a real blow hard…https://youtu.be/qWe06v8eo6k

a brand space travel is on it’s way!!! come, check this out!!!

Starship Gypsies


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so when i see stories like this i am reminded that “we are winning the war on terrorism”…yep, we sure are…

I Read Encyclopedias for Fun

A fourteen-year-old boy in Texas was suspended from school and arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school to show his teachers. He was obviously looking forward to showing them that he was good at things like this. So, he got arrested because his teachers thought it looked too much like a bomb and called the police?

Read the story here.

When I was his age, I had an electronics set with the ability to make a rudimentary clock or calculator. No digital display, though. I enjoyed this kind of thing. I even took an electronics course in university. I could make both digital and analogue circuits, and one of the main things we did was make calculators.

Well, this kid, Ahmed, could do much more than that at fourteen years old. He’s good. He likes science and technology, it appears. This is sorely lacking in the United States…

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