ok, this is a new thing for me… responding to a writing prompt…

Janis darted across the tarmac…she had to get to her star cruiser!!! She could hear alarms behind her and that soon there would be cops too. There was her ship; her haven!! she climbed the ladder two rungs at a time and was in the pilot seat and was ready to go!!

“tower, this janis’ glory…i need launch clearance!!!”

“ janis’ glory, please proceed to launch pad 560.”

“thank you,” and she quickly taxied to the assigned pad and could see the cops coming now but they were too late; she would make it to the intergalactic shipping lanes in 45min


Janis landed in Kenya just 10hr earlier with about $1 million in diamonds from a little mud ball about a month away at lightspeed. It was a simple little transaction but she was young, maybe to young, but she was a freelancer; able to transverse the galaxy. So, the ganglords got the upper hand, the diamonds, AND the money!!! Now she was never gonna be able to travel in Kenya. She hit the launch rails and the READY button almost at the same time. The Gs slammed her back into the seat and she went out.

If only she hadn’t panicked when she blasted her way out of the room of thugs…if only she’d known that 8 of the dead thugs had “dead or alive bounties” on them totally $2.5 million…if only…