this a response to a challenge posted here

Jimmy had been walking for hours, most of the day. Stopping for sandwiches St. Mary’s at and dinner at St. Peter’s Little Shop of Grub. He’d walked to the library for some computer time, and now he had to stop. He sat his pack down on the ramp and took out the suit jacket. His father’s suit jacket, and laid it out neatly. He looked around, getting dark, and this place would offer him shelter tonight. He had to pee. Decided his stuff his stuff would be ok. He climbed up the ramp and slipped past the plywood, walked about 20 feet in the dimly lighted building. He tripped, and impelled himself on a rusty piece of iron. it was painless because it went through his heart and out his back. His pack was stolen within 20min. Jimmy was never missed.