the adventure continues

Starship Gypsies


Years ago, back when he was still working his first job as weapons officer on a planet security patrol ship, Lazzaro had got mixed up in a plan, hatched by some of the more unscrupulous, less career-focused members of the crew, to occasionally “redirect” items of ordnance from company stores to a privately owned cargo container, rented under a fake identity.

At a storage facility on a small moon (whose population was known for its liberal attitude and discretion in matters of client confidentiality) the crates of plasma charges, pulse rifles and hand blasters that mysteriously vanished from their employers’ extensive armoury were quietly delivered by unpiloted cargo drones and ferried to the container by automated loading trucks.
Then the company’s computerised records and ship’s manifest were carefully manipulated by a disgruntled data entry clerk called Gideon, whom the conspirators had recruited for just this purpose, ensuring that nobody was…

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