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nope, no new jokes here

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believe it ,or not, i remember this episode

Sometimes, it's just best to be surprised!  I wanted to show you another swap card, but I packed them for an event I'm attending tomorrow and now I can't find them in the bag.  So I thought I'd sta...:

Thanksgiving comic http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/5c/88/4a/5c884a638375973d453c7174bf1f7ab5.jpg:

funny thanksgiving meme - Google Search:

ok, this one is kinda new…

barnwood builders on now, DIY channel211…it’s fun


idk…maybe i had to many tabs open…or some cache or temp folder needs dumping…IDK!!! but i was working on a post and the browser crashed…PFFFFT!!!!


ebay says i won…but the amount they say i owe doesn’t match what i expected to owe…and i won’t have that till friday…so it’s not a done deal.

Real Tree energy drink??? tasted alright too


yup…landlords, abusive parents/partners, bosses, etc…

Finding My Way


I have dealt with this on every interaction with my landlord. I even started to notice other people doing it too.

It’s good to know that there’s a real name for it & that I’m not loosing my mind.

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thx to this dude’s creative streak i post some selfies…

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