NEVER EVER let a single critic’s piss water short out your dream!!! fuck the haters!!!

Pouring My Art Out

I am, I have to say, crushed… filled with self-doubt… and also with an anger that I don’t know whether to aim at myself or in a more outward direction.

You know the post I did the other day, the one where I proudly… oh so proudly… proclaimed to the world that my second self-illustrated book for children is now available for sale? I just got another comment on that post. It was short, concise, and very to-the-point. All it said was:

’15 dollars plus shipping for 31 pages – really?’

I don’t even know where to begin.

I have tried to explain that I am all art-side-of-the-brain. I can’t market myself, or promote myself. I will never be a success. I have always known that. I am also manic-depressive, so I tend to wander between delusions of my science fiction series being made into movies and me doing the talk show…

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