“Terrorists suck. Whether they are terrorists killing in the name of a Muslim God, or terrorists like Timothy McVeigh or the KKK…they are all pieces of shit. Anybody who would target innocent people just trying to live their lives instead of going after those who pose a legitimate threat is a piece of shit. Anybody who really believes that people who live in a geographic region have any control over what their governments and their nations’ military-industrial complexes do is either ignorant or idiotic.”

My Friday Blog

While people all over the nation freak out about a made-up war on Christianity and the “Islamization of America” I think it is important to keep in mind that in 2014 (the last full year), a full 71% of Americans considered themselves to be Christian.  Apparently, a war is being fought against these 71% of residents by a group of other religious or non-religious people with sometimes conflicting ideologies against the poor wittwe Christian supermajority.  A majority so large, it could override a veto if applied to government.

When I hear Trump on national television telling people that a protester at one of ze rallies he held “deserved to get roughed-up”, I think about this supposed war.  When I hear him and his fellow Christian fascists and Republican candidates call for registration and identification of Muslims, I think about this supposed war.  When I hear Mike Huckabee talk about a…

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