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i was in my reader and a familiar blog came up….i checked it out…cool stuff…in the comments was an interesting name, (amanda i believe)…i clinked on her link…which led to another cool link…(sorry, guess i should have written these links down)…finally…i found this…


a couple of blogs were dealing with selfies…so i had to post a few


there’s buster (poor guy got ran over by a van)


godzilla says he wanted to share a selfie

calvin and hobbs (2)

ok, not a selfie…but geez i’d be a cool cartoon too

new profile pic 2

see? me, as a cartoon

looking down the road 002

me, on track for a distant goal


sometimes i feel invisible

self take

a shadow of my former self


Taking offence has now become the new ‘normal.’ People across the globe are now taking offence at the drop of a hat. It’s spreading like a fatal disease and is gradually becoming an epidemic. What is wrong with all of us ? Were we always like this but expressing offence right now (all thanks to a hundred outlets on the web) or do the times we live in are bad times ? My answer will be BOTH.

The human race has always been sensitive. Sometimes for its own good, sometimes for the better of others and sometimes (sadly) for the worse.  People were offended then and people are being offended now. The only difference is that in ancient times word of mouth was the only way to express oneself. Today a lot of us have our own unique spot in cyberspace. More outlets , more voices – some are genuine…

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my motto: my worst day out here is still better than my best day in there (prison).


all these pics are from the ‘net, but i know several people working as correctional officials.


this is how it began…in an upcoming episode i’ll introduce D-O-G, the captain’s dog

Starship Gypsies


Zachery hated flying, but he hated crashing more.
He was also tired of running.

This time his little band of fellow anarchists stole a plane but were hit multiple times by a machine gun as they took off. Alice Marie, his wife and their best pilot was hit. She died quickly, and the plane was his to control. It was dying too, spraying oil on the windshield and coughing fire.
Oh, and there was the small matter of them being wanted in 15 countries for a multitude of so-called “robin hood” crimes, and the bounty hunters were getting closer.
The engine coughed. And died.

“This is it, we’re going down. Hopefully we won’t break up…too bad.”
Zachery quickly assessed his landing options. The moon didn’t offer much light and, as luck would have it, he didn’t see a road or anything looking like a town. He banked right, aiming for…

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it’s a sucky cell phone video but…WP don’t like spotify…PFFFFT!!!


so there WP


and one more…

new profile pic 2

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