all aboard!!!

Starship Gypsies


“Damn! Where the hell could I have left that?”

Eric Lazzaro was not having a good day so far.
Maybe he’d had one too many glasses of Toes’ evil homebrew last night (he’d only had one, although that could easily be considered too much by anyone with functioning taste buds) but he certainly hadn’t been incapacitated to the extent that he would have misplaced his security pass.
He hardly ever took it off, let alone put it down and forgot about it, and to make matters worse it was one of Toes’ pet peeves; having to cancel security clearances and issue new passes was a tiresome and irritating procedure that involved resetting all the top-level access codes on the ship. Eric was keen to avoid confronting ZT about it, especially while his head was steadily throbbing the way it was this morning.

Lazzaro took one final look around his cabin…

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