come on over and see what tori is up too

Starship Gypsies

Captain Toes was doing routine paperwork and ‘net surfing when his comm went off, “yeah?”

“Capt’, we are about a week out from Earth…and we have received a request from Specter to pick up a traveler.”

Crap, he hated these detours. They would have to drop out of hyper and restart…

“How far out?”

“They have a hyper shuttle, and would intercept…plus they will pay our orbit fees…”

Well, money’s nice and no course alterations. Of course, there are no orbit fees since this was related to escape pods

“Guess it’s set then. When would they dock?”

“In about an hour.”

“let me know, capt’ out, ” he cut the connection.

“Aye, capt, and thanks”

He picked up the essay that Tori had presented in her English class. Interesting topic, and was very much written by a 12yr old. Her teacher was worried about her state of mind, was concerned…

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