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Happy Anniversary!

ok, i’m gonna be in the country perhaps a couple days…leaving the computer alone

my roommate has gotten caught up in some dumb shit…and i may go down too

some great soings her…this woman has talent!!!

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my kinda love story…

Karma Is A Funny Thing



I love my husband.  I REALLY love my husband. Some people may gag at that thought. I am not a “sappy” person, so for me to write this open “love” note to my husband is a tad over the top for me.  But he deserves it.

We met nineteen years ago.  We dated casually.  We lived across the street from each other in a hip little town. He was a surfer that managed a surf shop.  I owned a coffee house.  He would throw the biggest and best parties in town.  Everyone knew him.  And he liked ME. Well, and two other girls…but that is why I say we dated casually.  I tease him about that to this day, but I had also dated another person at the time too so we were not really taking relationships too seriously yet. 

Life got sticky. Family. Work. Money. I…

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