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some great soings her…this woman has talent!!!

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my kinda love story…

Karma Is A Funny Thing



I love my husband.  I REALLY love my husband. Some people may gag at that thought. I am not a “sappy” person, so for me to write this open “love” note to my husband is a tad over the top for me.  But he deserves it.

We met nineteen years ago.  We dated casually.  We lived across the street from each other in a hip little town. He was a surfer that managed a surf shop.  I owned a coffee house.  He would throw the biggest and best parties in town.  Everyone knew him.  And he liked ME. Well, and two other girls…but that is why I say we dated casually.  I tease him about that to this day, but I had also dated another person at the time too so we were not really taking relationships too seriously yet. 

Life got sticky. Family. Work. Money. I…

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truckers. this country would not be what it is w/o them. also shipping and railroads, but the post is for truckers…

this one for the trucker who didn’t make through the year

the spelling looks wrong, and i’m too lazy to dig out a dictionary. anyway, if you’ve been following my blog you know i leave links to songs in your comment box i feel somehow relate to the topic. i also post a lot videos in my blog entries. i get a lot of likes and some comments. sooo…post in the comments some event or situation and i’ll try to match it with a song… my mood today…

i changed my profile pic in the spirit of xmas but it ain’t showing up…ere it is

gnome giving the finger

absolutely nothing wrong with this…unless, of course, you’re easily offended

let us not forget that poverty is a year-long problem

Kindness Blog

A mystery person left this note and £100 in Claire Rock’s mailbox this past week to help the single mother buy presents for her son…

Claire had been worrying she wouldn’t be able to give her 5-year-old any Christmas gifts this year because she’s been struggling so much financially.

But then she came home from taking the cat to the vet last week to find an envelope pushed through her door, containing £100 in cash and a touching note from someone who had clearly seen her struggle.

“I just burst into tears,” she said. “I want others to know there are so many kind people out there.”

christmas kindness letter

The letter reads:

“To Claire: I know life has been tough these last few months. Please accept this gift to help keep the magic of Christmas so special for wee John. We all know it’s not all about the money, but we know…

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