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Monthly Archives: February 2016

this was my favorite station…well for hard rock at least…they sold out to a spanish language station…broke my itty bitty heart…they are online now, so go over and check them out


a few years ago 93.7 (classic rock) sold out to a rap station but they are a “piped in” station and the company just changed the feed…(a bunch of techinical crap!!!)


so, we have 94.5 The Buzz and 106.9 The Eagle…the latter being classic rock)

http://www.thebuzz.com/ (this is an iheart station)


and for country there’s 93Q and 97.1 for country oldies



so that’s my favorite station…lol…yeah… i’m fun to to ride with…


I consistently refuse to keep a spoon in my lunch kit…however, in true cowboy fashion I rely on…

Library card



i love youtube…have some music

I want my student loans GONE!!! So I checked one of my accounts last night and, well, looky what I found ;


Yep…one of them is almost gone!!!! I’m a happy mutt

i am on spotify…and would live to share my musical interests with all you guys….


currently i’m doing this:

and some other pics i just wanted to share,

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