I find it so cool how I start checking my email, blog and G+ and find new stuff…like this gritty little story here

Hipster Intelligence Agency

It was going to be a busy day.

baltimore-sceneFirst, I want to go to Fells Point and fuck little miss marybelle before her mom gets home at five o’clock. Then, I have to get to the warehouse and get fronted a quarter pound of weed and bring it back to junkie house and hide it from Dave before he gets home at seven o’clock. Then, I have to swing by pussy house, get $500 in cash out of the safe in my closet, and drive all the way to Columbia, to the house of a philosophy undergrad at George Washington University, who has 5 sheets, that’s 500 hits, of blotter acid, waiting for me tucked away in a Bible on his bookshelf.

But I have no car. So it’s the bus from pussy house to Fells Point to meet little miss marybelle, and bring the five hundred dollars with…

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