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I really don’t wanna move…I;m settling in…i’m trying to get a shed and get out of the storage bill (which is $119…but with late fees it’s been $139/mo)…and I seriously need to replace my vehicle…damn it, I really don’t want to move again….


Today is a paid holiday IF I work the last day before and the first after….so my boss calls me in at 1am tonight…

We live in the gulf coast region of Texas and sometimes we get lots of rain in a short time frame…so we flood…it will drain quickly when the rain stops…this is the day after…





I caught amtak…barely

me, rambling…again

LookCatalog.com1. She’s more resilient than you can fathom, which means she won’t put up with your bullshit for too long. People who have been through hell know that they are capable of moving on. 2. If she seems like she’s over-analyzing what you say, it’s because in the past, those offhand comments were warning signs…

via 15 Reminders For Anyone Who Wants To Date A Woman Who Has Been Put Through Hell — Thought Catalog

I worked last night and got this stupid health screening…3hr after shift ends…my commute is 60mi round trip…couldn’t see doing 2 in one day…wait, here’s a selfie


I heard a remake of “sound of silence”…generally i’m not much impressed with remakes but this one is pretty good…I won’t post links because youtube always takes music videos down…and my WP list is littered with dead links as a result of me posting youtube videos…(I think some my videos aren’t showing up on WP so maybe both YT and WP are killing links)…but, yeah disturbed has done a pretty decent remake “sound of silence”

here are a couple personal videos

O elefante é considerado um símbolo de boa sorte em diversas regiões do mundo e esse parece ser o real significado do animal para os residentes destas vilas na África do Sul. Quem trouxe eles para o cenário urbano foi o grafiteiro Falko, da Cidade do Cabo. Em entrevista ao Red Bull, Falko conta que […]

via Vilas na África do Sul estão ficando ainda mais maravilhosas com esses elefantes nas paredes — VIVIMETALIUN

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