finally, some good news from the chump corner…the purge: live….lmmfo!!!!

Pouring My Art Out

Thanks to Trump’s legal brilliance, we can do away with those pesky judges and courtrooms and prisons forever… just think of all the money we will save.

I mean, why has nobody ever thought of this before? If you are ever being brought to trial for anything, just find out who your judge will be, and start insulting his race or politics or hobbies publically every chance you get. They will have to set a new trial with a new judge, and you can just repeat the process until the statute of limitations runs out or until you die, whichever comes first.

And obviously, most criminal trials are completely unfair and biased to begin with. Murderers, rapists, thieves and the scum of the earth can never get a fair trial, because judges are inherently biased against those kinds of behaviors.

So, the next step is to just let all the…

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