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i’m digging through my dusty sd cards and drives…and this one has to be reposted

well, not this one (but it’ll be ok)…


I look damn sexy in this pic…well, damn now i’m blushing


My commute is 30mi, 1-way, and w/o a ride i gotta hitch it….thankfully I get decent rides and generally only have maybe 5mi or less of actual walking…thing is the heat and my age is making this really hard




at this moment in history the public is being encouraged to hate Muslims…I wonder if that’s kinda how it was with Jews in the 40s?? both groups (and Christians too!) have their radicals; those folks who chose to use violence to promote they ideas/agenda…so are concentration camps the next step? and if so what country? and will the US respond by building internment camps? why must we hate?

Dream Big, Dream Often

I am a Muslim and I have dreams just like you.

Source: Are You Scared of Me?

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I sure hope not…I’m supposed to be at work at 8pm…

I generally post pics of just stuff but this one is about the global market

Take pride in your country…even if it’s not the US


Built-in fire suppression equipment/system


The Bell Truck


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