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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Well, the kitten has been passed to me now…I’m kinda happy about this but it’s a male and I prefer females…also he’s not quite ready for solid food…(my cats do dry food) there’s also vet bills coming…anyway, I got a kitty now

A friend’s kitty

The death of a company is in making…

Samsung Seeks Court Order to Remove Goods From Hanjin Ships – http://fortune.com/2016/09/08/samsung-court-order-hanjin/

Hanjin Is Scrambling to Move About $14 Billion in Stranded Cargo – http://fortune.com/2016/09/08/hanjin-shipping-funding-stranded-cargo/

This could end up being a huge mess…or big bargains for US consumers

So, I was able to save my computer but not get it out…I’ll try to get it soon…I go back to work next week

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