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Monthly Archives: October 2016

If the Cleveland Indians win I work tonight and eat tomorrow…

More Things — Orlando Espinosa — tonysonblogger – http://wp.me/p1NaS8-Nr

There’s a lot of places in h-town that aren’t well known…have some pics

A millionaire’s view

Flags once flown over Texas

Thx for stopping by my blog…

A co-worker i talked to just 12hrs ago has died…not that I knew him that well…just the suddenediness of it
Poof! And we’re gone

I don’t do politics. Politics is ugly. Especially this election, yeesh. It seems, that one of the major divisive talking points is the pro-choice vs pro-life argument. The more and more rheto…

Source: You Say You’re Pro-Life – But Are You Really?

May be crude oil in storage…idk

The blue cranes are at my jobsite

Infographic: US freight industry’s Hanjin collapse – http://wp.me/p4MBMW-1VA

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