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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Well, another day is almost over…poor people can sometimes do the seemingly impossible…like getting dinner for less than 50 cents

Hygiene is also hard unless you have imagination…but food and hygiene are really important if you’re interacting with people every day

Life is challenging and even depressing…and most folks are so wrapped up in the rat race to even see needy people…i don’t beg since I’d rather not be hauled off to jail and/or barred from entering places with water and maybe even food

So I do my life to the best of my ability and look forward to a better day…chow time


Not much going on in my corner…homeless and hungry…all the souplines I know about are in downtown…

I’ve given up on my junkyard RV…today I plan on scraping it out and moving on…

In less than 12hr I will have part of my paycheck…no fuel…no food…just NCIS reruns at the Flying J..
Hopefully your life is better…

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