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so, 2016 is at death’s door…not much is gonna change in 2017 except my age


hope you are well out there in WP and G+ land and your 2017 is gonna be great

finally…tis the season is over!!!! hope everybody is doing well…

this is something to think about before buying a used phone or “refurbished” phone…i will stick with new phones

When film student Anthony van der Meer’s phone was stolen he quickly realized just how much personal information and data the thief had instantly obtained. So Anthony decided to let another phone get stolen. Only this time the phone was pre-programmed with a secret app that could monitor everything being done with it. According…

via This Guy Secretly Rigged a Phone and Made a Short Film About the Person Who Stole It — TwistedSifter

Dutch site De Correspondent has an article on Donald Trump’s nominees for the United States government. It is a cabinet with the most generals ever since the United States Civil War. It is a cabinet with most billionaires ever. Their collective wealth is at least 50 times greater than with George W Bush’s millionaires cabinet […]

via Donald Trump’s cabinet, richest and most militarist ever — Dear Kitty. Some blog

try this…

my computer is in hock…when i get it out i may be able to get to my other account since my info should be saved in that machine’s browser…but that’s a month or so away

ok…i give up…and since my WP is connected to my G+ i hope my followers will see this post (and read it!)

my  new G+ is “jdawgs world”…notice the space…so plz send a “follow me”, or whatever…

i dropped my yahoo email account off my G+ account and now i can’t get in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

G+ don’t recognize its own email address….does anybody have any ideas???

i thought this is the address:   [my name]@gmail.com….is it .net?

i really want a smart car…but glad i don’t have to live in one…that would suck

yesterday i posted a pic of a smart car on tracks and looked up a video on YT…thus this post.

!st, is it as safe as it is cool?

now how about racing and other mods?


i really love snow…



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