If there weren’t racists the world would would be a better place…so many folks being belittled and ignored…we use water cannons in freezing weather against native americans concerned about the safety of their drinking water…we burn down a whole city block in response to a stand-off (Pittsburg, the ’80s, i think)….or they burn down a church/commune and blame the preacher for all the people they kill….this woman’s anger is totally understandable…now we got a president who’s gonna try and start a war with mexico…BUT it’s about money…race and religion will be his excuse for his actions

Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit

This is a direct response to a nasty comment made on one of my previous posts. I am not a nice person when somebody says or writes the wrong things so things are about to get ugly. Real Ugly!!  You May STOP Reading Now.

As Creator and Moderator of this blog I reserve the right to call out any stupid, racist, sexist, dumb ass or ageist comments.  I recently ReBlogged a post about an All Black Cowgirls Team. Anyone who has an ounce of good sense and a knowledge of racist American History should know why Black people in this country need and must have All Black Teams, Events, Organizations, Groups etc….. There has rarely been and given the upcoming administration will be any societies, organizations, groups, etc… where Blacks are or will be seen as equals. We’ve been having this battle for 400 years and even through the eight…

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