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well, it seems a person could possibly build their own AR-15 with a couple mail order kits…that the number that the federals want is only stamped on the main body of the weapon…lmao…the redneck spirit will not be stopped…but i kinda like this nifty weapon

ok, i’m homeless and as a result i see things a bit differently….for example what about the homeless in fairbanks alaska when it’s -30? i can survive in temps down to 30 in a urban setting because there’s walmarts…and at the moment i’m in a small black car…and i don’t drink, do drugs, and try to smell good…at least not stink…i’m also quiet and strive to maintain a low profile

so should we even care about the polar opposite of me? the drunk, tweating, and stinking homeless person? ¬†how about the homeless person with a pet? (in this area a dog and person could keep each other warm) but what about if it’s -30???

this is santa clara’s response¬†http://www.homefirstscc.org/our-programs-2/cold-weather-shelter-program/

what about your area?

If there weren’t racists the world would would be a better place…so many folks being belittled and ignored…we use water cannons in freezing weather against native americans concerned about the safety of their drinking water…we burn down a whole city block in response to a stand-off (Pittsburg, the ’80s, i think)….or they burn down a church/commune and blame the preacher for all the people they kill….this woman’s anger is totally understandable…now we got a president who’s gonna try and start a war with mexico…BUT it’s about money…race and religion will be his excuse for his actions

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