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I went to a new Wal-Mart…at least it was new to me…and took some pics

I read a post in the last couple days that lit a long idle spark. This mother is struggling to get the level of care she feels her daughter needs…isn’t every parent in that place? Hell or high water we want our children to thrive.right?

A disclaimer…I don’t have children but have been involved in the lives of 3 beautiful young ladies and was there when their brother went home just shy of 12yr of age…between the hospital, social security, and a couple of insurance sources we didn’t have to deal with the $250k bill…but we wouldn’t have let cost stop us.

This mother I’ve mentioned has a much smaller bill AND I don’t believe she’s actually sought funding publicly…however, her journey has touched my heart…I believe it’s a ancient African proverb that says it takes a village to raise a child…I am sure my bit ain’t much but I just felt the need to offer my heart-felt assistance…
Am I way off base? Out of line? Let me know…

Since WP won’t let me add text after the pic…anyway, for some great fish you need to come to the hood and Navy Seafood

This location is across from UofH and near the new light rail station on Scott…

I thought you’d like this Pin on Pinterest… http://pin.it/Hl_b1Z1



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